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Impact World Tour in your community

Here is a sample timeline for an Impact World Tour outreach. You may click on the different items or just continue with the tour and you will learn more about each one.

  Bill Hybels Bill Hybels
  “Whenever I’m traveling and speaking internationally and meet high-committed, servant-oriented Christian leaders, I think to myself, “Another YWAMer!” I’m rarely mistaken. I am so grateful for the work of YWAM and for the intensity with which you do it. God’s best in the new millennium”

Campaign Milestones

  • Introductory meetings
  • Formation of Executive Committee
  • Strategic Planning for Discipleship Movement
  • Church Kick-Offs
  • Volunteer Launch begins
  • Discipleship Movement
  • Transform Events
  • Strategic Prayer
  • City-wide Fundraising Banquets
  • Prayer Concerts
  • Impact Sundays
  • Operation Andrew - Pray & Invite begins
  • Local Link Training
  • Impact World Tour Week
    • Teams arrive for boot camp
    • Sattelite Events | Prison Outreaches | School Assemblies
    • Team nights
  • Discipleship Movement continues

The order of events may vary. The tour will be tailored for your community and may have additional events or not contain all of the above mentioned.

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